Friday, April 24, 2009

Embrace, Relax, Strong Three words of the day

Hello There,
It's FRIDAY.....Miss NH is just days away. What a beautiful day to be blessed with. I spent most of the day today reflecting. I had three goals today to live up to. I wanted to embrace the day and all of the people around me who have supported me and helped me through all the struggles of life. I wanted to relax to really veg out and think to myself. And lastly I wanted to be strong all day and love the body I am in.

I started the day off with class at 8:00 a.m. and then I went kayaking with July Tracy in Durham :) We launched off the dock at Old Landing and it was just breath taking. I learned what a PFD was ...personal floating device- just in case I toppled over into the great sea :)

We kayaked for about TWO hours= amazing!! It was a great time to talk about my plans for next year and to really spend time relaxing and reflecting. I am always able to talk with Julie about anything I need to. She is my campus minister at UNH. I felt like I was embracing nature, relaxing in my own skin, and growing stronger through each stroke of my paddle. In my preparations for Miss New Hampshire my arms have become strong, my legs, my core, but most importantly my mind. I have been able to grow as a strong woman full circle through this program - Mind, Body, and Soul. I am ready for anything ...Bring....It....On baby :)

After kayaking Julie dropped me off at yoga, it's only noon time and my day already feels complete I thought to myself.

Yoga is a one of the most relaxing activities I have ever been involved with. I have been practicing yoga for 5 years now. My high school biology teacher originally got me hooked, Mrs. Tara Mack. I did yoga with the teachers after school once a week my senior year and now I do yoga 2 times a week, not only to strengthen my body but to just BE. Yoga is a time to be in my body and not have to think about anything. I am able to clear my mind and really focus on my breath and connect with my body. Relax, Embrace, and be Strong.

Advice to you:
Compliment 3 people every day :)
Smile every chance you get
and take time to embrace, relax, and be strong

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