Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great Interview Question

Last night I was asked by a judge about Guantanamo Bay. I watch the news almost every day and feel like I keep up with current events more than most people do. Unfortunately when the judge asked me about Guantanamo Bay I drew a blank. I didn't know the answer then but I know it now and will be prepared to answer that question next time! Right after the interview I called my Dad and he was surprised I didn't know about it but gave me the heads up about what it is and what it's about. Right after he started explaining it I knew exactly what it was I just wasn't familiar with the name. Can't win them all...can't know every answer, and I'm only human.
Take away message:
I learned 3 new things during that interview process and it pushed me to go home and do some research. That is what is great about the Miss NH Program! I learn something new all the time!
Great Question!

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