Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Robbery Update

Good News someone found some my things! A man who works for the DOT found two things on 93. Bad news I didn't realize all that was gone. First I forgot my checkbook was in my bag that's how the man found my number to call me. Second the man found my crown box. One problem.............the crown wasn't in it! The sash and little pillow were there but not the crown! What are they going to do with the crown????? Makes me so mad! I am thankful that some of my things were found. Last night when I got home I talked to myself for a good hour before I went to bed about how I thought it would show up somewhere. Luckily it did. Let's wait until I actually pick the bags up until we get too excited. Stay Positive. The Ipod and Crown are still missing and I'm not sure what else but I will shortly know!

Glass of America will come tomorrow to fix my window so I can drive my car again with out freezing my face off.

over and out.

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