Friday, May 8, 2009

Miss NH 2009

I had so much fun this year with all of the contestants. Everyone was nice and we all had a great time together. I am graduating from college and I'm still not sure what my plans are but I know Miss New Hampshire is in the plan. I am competing for Miss Derry this year. It is one of the first local competitions. I missed it last year because I studied abroad in Italy but this year I would love to be a part of it. Danielle always puts on a fun show and works really hard to rally up the biggest local scholarship program in New Hampshire. I can't wait to see all of the girls again at Miss Derry.

Looking for....

Looking for a friend to get a motor cycle license with me!!! Any takers?

My agenda for next week

Monday- hand in my last college paper ever
Tuesday- fly fishing club meeting with my dad
Wednesday- breakfast with Abby and BBQ with Italy Abroad friends
Thursday- Lunch with my study buddies and Third Eye Blind concert at Hampton Beach Casino
Friday- mayyyybe surfing

My best friend Thais and I want to go fishing, hiking, surfing, and lay out on the beach during our last two weeks of school...I can't wait for the fun out doorsy things we are planning on doing.

What's Next?

I'll start to look for jobs next Tuesday. Does anyone know of any openings? I'm looking for Pharmaceutical Sales or a job at a hospital.

Sisters Celebrating Success in Las Vegas!

My sister and I are treating ourselves to a vacation in Las Vegas right after graduation. She graduated last weekend during Miss NH weekend and I have a few more weeks but right after I am done we head out on a plane to Vegas! I can't wait to have a fun vacation with my sister. My best friend Justina from high school is coming too. We are going to have a blast.

I'm done with college on MONDAY!

Monday is the big day! My final paper is due on on Monday and I will be done with college! I graduate with honors on the 22nd and my real graduation is the 23rd. I cannot wait for graduation. I am so excited that I made it through college!!