Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Salvation Army Toy Shop

with Kelsey MacDonald at the Salvation Army Toy Shop 12/23/2009. We are joined by Bob and Paul! Kelsey and I volunteered at the Radisson at the Expo Center in Manchester where we were paired up with parents who needed help getting presents for their children. The parents were able to pick 3 toys for each child they also got to pick out stocking stuffers, socks, hats and gloves, underwear, tooth brushes, and at the end they got a gift card from Hannafords to buy their family a meal for Christmas. It was a very rewarding day! Kelsey and I had a lot of fun.

NH Food Bank Donation

Donating a $300.00 check with Kelsey MacDonald! The donation will be matched by the Madelaine G. Von Weber Trust. The NH Food Bank was challenged to raise $100,000 and the Trust would match it. Kelsey and I held Great American Bake Sales over the summer and raised $600 which we donated half to Share Our Strength and the other half to the NH Food Bank!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Operation Frontline

Operation Frontline is now over at the New Outlook Teen Center in Exeter. The kids had a lot of fun and everyone graduated from the program. It was sad to leave and I will miss the kids. At the last class we made vegetable lasagna, baked mozzarella sticks, a green salad, and they had chocolate covered fruit and dried fruit.


I've never actually been to a Patriots game to watch...I've always gone to volunteer. This Sunday I will be at the game! I am so excited and after work I will be on my way to get hand and foot warmers- it's going to be cold!

First time Teaching

Yesterday was my first time getting a taste of teaching Yoga! Ruth teaches a class at UNH to the students so we know each other and she also knew that I was in yoga school. At the end of class Ruth asked me if I would go through a sun salutation with the class. There were about 50 students in the class, and I was a little bit nervous but how could I say no? It was so much fun and I did pretty well. She said she would give me the opportunity to teach again. It was a great experience.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cooking Video

The other day I tried to enter a contest through WMUR news 9. It was a contest to submit a cooking video and have the chance to appear on cooks corner and to have the dessert on the Common Man's Dessert Menu and have a portion of the profit go to the NH Food Bank. I had a lot of fun making the video! I learned how hard it is and how long it takes to actually film something and then edit it. Unfortunatly my video didn't upload to WMUR's website on time. I couldn't even get it to upload. I hope they do the competition again next year so I can just use my recipe from this year.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Miss Rockingham County Scholarship Program

Last weekend I had the opportunity to compete in Miss Rockingham County. I won a lot of scholarship money that will help me pay off my loans! I won talent, evening gown, peoples choice award, the community service award, and there was a 3-way tie for interview. I won over $2,500 in scholarship and was first runner up. This was my first time in all 5 years of competing that I was able to compete in Miss Rockingham County. The next program I will compete in is Miss Manchester. Training started November 30th.....I needed at least one day off :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Singing Go Make a Difference

Singing one of my favorite spiritual songs at Miss Lakes Region 2009 when I gave up the title and crowned Erica! The video is shown sideways due to the way the camera was held. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Operation Frontline Video

Check out how much fun the kids are having!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Operation Frontline Week 3 Fruit and Vegetable Week

This Tuesday was so much fun!  Below you will find a picture of Tracy, myself, Sheryl, and Amelia!  Amelia volunteers for the New Outlook Teen Center and the rest of us volunteer for the New Hampshire Food Bank as Nutrition Instructors and Chefs!  At the beginning of class we did apple taste testing.  We had 12 different apples that each student got to try...and the teachers too!  The apples all had such a different taste and texture it was a great learning opportunity for everyone.  Below the picture of us you will see the girls learning how to prep vegetables for vegetable soup.  They also learned how to cut potatoes and how to make cajun sweet potato fries and regular potato fries.  They learned how to make kale chips (olive oil and salt bake at 425 until crisp) they were so good!  They learned how to make apple pear sauce...SO EASY: apples, pears, and water what a healthy snack.  They then asked what to do with all the left overs and we said make some snack bags!  The kids really had a lot of fun this week. They are learning so much.  I am thankful to work with Tracey, Sheryl and Amelia we really make a good team and have a lot of fun together.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Yoga Retreat with Rama and friends

Fashion Show in Boston- a great success for the American Cancer Society

Saturday November 14th, I was a special guest at Rock the Runway II Masquerade Ball Fashion Show at the Hyatt on the Harborside in Boston!  The event was a fund raiser for The American Cancer Society.  I have always wondered what a designer fashion show would be like and Saturday I got the chance to find out!
I arrived at Isabelle’s Designs at 1:00pm for my fitting.  She was a fun woman who really brought energy into the room.   I loved the dress she picked out for me. 
At 4:00pm I pulled up to the hotel for hair and make up.  I was asked to walk around and thank guests for being a part of this special evening.  Many people commented on the designer’s choice for me and were excited to see what else was to come…
At 10:30 there was a buzz of excitement and the show began.  I was thrilled to be a part of this special evening for such a worthy cause.  

Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting excited for the Fashion Show I'm in Tomorrow at the Harborside Hyatt Hotel in Boston!

Rock the Runway II - Masquerade Ball Fashion Show

To Benefit the American Cancer Society: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Start Time:
Saturday, November 14, 2009 at 6:30pm
End Time:
Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 12:00am
The Harborside Hyatt Hotel, 101 Harborside Drive, Boston


Rock the Runway II – Masquerade Ball Fashion Show to benefit the American Cancer Society will showcase the talent of fashion designers and upscale sponsors including – Bedagi Fashions, Lit Boutique, Cameo Couture, Lily & MIGS and Isabel Originals. These collections will include lavish accessories by Catalina de La Torre®, dramatic makeup by Motives®, and trend-setting hairstyles by INDRA Salon - Best of Boston.

The night will be filled with incredible fashion, great music, gift bags, HYPNOTIQ® drinks, and will also include special guest appearances by Miss Massachusetts 2009 Miss Alison Cronin, Miss Lakes Region 2008 Ms. Alicia ROSSMAN, Miss Boston 2009 –Ms. Carly Marciano and will feature Tarot Card readings by Ms. Angela Gallant. There will be special guest performances by The Jamie Lynn Hart Band and the Pulse of Boston and with over 25 local and national well-recognized sponsors, this show will be yet another incredible Boston Fashion event produced by Reggie B. Production team for another great cause.

Proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society Strides Against Breast Cancer. Advance tickets price $22.00. Tickets available at the door are $27.00. To order tickets online go to

Hiking Mt. Major!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I had a lot fun at the Exeter Area Interfaith CROP HUNGER WALK.  This was my third year being able to sing and speak at the event.  I sang the song "I Was Here" and "Go Make a Difference".  I just got an email from Andrea Renz one of the main organizers of the event and she said the event raised over $17,000.  It was a huge success and all of the money raised will help a lot of people in need.  Congratulations to the committee for a successful walk.  The next walk is scheduled for October 24th 2010!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Check it out!


The Shaw's Neighborhood Rewards Program donates a portion of your purchases to the Food Bank!
Here is how to participate in the new Neighborhood Rewards Program:
  1. Register your Shaw's Rewards Card for the program at  Enter the NH Food Bank's ID number, which is 49001018472.
  2. Shop on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and 1% of your purchases will automatically be donated to the NH Food Bank.  Shaw's will mail us a check every 3 months for all proceeds.
  3. Re-register your card every year to continue supporting the Food Bank through your Shaw's shopping trips.
In 2008, the Shaw's Receipt Rewards Program raised over $7,500 for the NH Food Bank.  Let's keep it up in 2009 with this new program!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First class of Operation Frontline in Rockingham County!

Today I worked from 5am-1:30 and then drove right over to the New Outlook Teen Center The center is located in Exeter and I will be a Chef and Nutrition Instructor with two other women for duration of the 6 week OFL course. We have 10 students from 6 towns in Rockingham County from the Middle School and High School. Today we spent time introducing the program, talking about MyPyramid, and cooking! The kids love the cooking part. We taught the kids about knife and kitchen safety and then they learned how to chop tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, squash, scallions,made mexican lasagna, black bean salsa, and fruit smoothies. The kids ate the meal when we were done and then helped clean up! It was a fun class and I can't wait for next class.

I have a job!

I have been working at Elliot Hospital for a week now. I am in my second week of training and really enjoy it so far! I work for Nutrition Services as a Nutrition Assistant. It is a lot of fun because I get patient interaction. I am assigned at least one floor each day and visit with the patients to talk to them about their new diet, how their food is, and what they would like to eat while they are at Elliot HS. There is so much to learn! There are so many different diets and diet orders that it will be hard to learn everything all at once. I am doing well so far and have a week and a half of training left. I am so happy I found a job in my field! I have been looking since April and am happy with the job I found.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


CROP Walk event sets record

Churches, students civic groups hike to help end hunger
Lucian a. mccarty photo Barbie Hazzard, Alicia Rossman and Tracy Gebhardt get their T-shirts during Sunday’s Exeter Area Interfaith CROP Hunger Walk.

With a banner held high, Martha Clark set out Sunday down Pine Street in Exeter, on a sunny afternoon leading a procession of 225 charity walkers on the first leg of the 27th annual Exeter Area Interfaith CROP Hunger Walk.

"We're trying to make this more of a parade this year," said Clark, whose placard identified the leaders of the group as the Pilgrim United Church of Christ of Brentwood.

With 13 churches and other organizations walking for the Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty event, the buzzword for the day was "interfaith."

"There are so many things the churches can do together," said Allan Lurvey, minister for pastoral counseling at Stratham Community Church.

Four years ago the church in Stratham, which had held its own CROP Walk every year, merged with the other local organizations under the leadership of Andrea Renz.

"Andrea is definitely our driving force here," said Lurvey.

"The walk was having trouble about five years ago, and we didn't know if was going to make it," explained Renz.

In years past, the walk had been based out of Phillips Exeter Academy, but with it being such a big event to plan, the school couldn't keep up on it. That's where the churches came in.

"All of the churches and nonprofits came together, and worked to make this happen," said Renz. "It is really great, the brotherhood and camaraderie that happen here. It's the way it is supposed to be."

The event raises money through walkers being sponsored by local businesses or residents. In addition, this year, according to Renz, there were more online donations than ever before.

Last year the event brought in about $17,000. This year, preliminary numbers indicate that the event may have raised more than $20,000 as money continues to trickle in through donations and as walkers turn in their envelopes.

"That would be the highest CROP Walk we've ever had," said Renz. "Everyone was just so generous."

The walk took fund-raisers through either a one-mile loop around the block or a four-mile loop starting at Christ Church on Pine Street and zigzagging to the end of Swasey Park, down Water Street and back down Court Street.

"The people here are just wonderful. There is so much awareness of the needs of the community," said Melody Fellows, whose husband, Robert, recently took over as pastor at the Greenland Community Congregational Church. "It's wonderful to see the consciousness, and it's nice to do something interdenominational."

Not everyone at the event was from a church. Students from Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter High School and the University of New Hampshire were all on-hand volunteering time to register walkers and take the walk themselves.

Eighteen-year-old David Harman was helping to sign people up for the walk. An Exeter native, Harman said he was looking to fill some community service hours for school and, after some research, found the CROP Walk.

"I thought it was a great cause, and it's right here in Exeter," he said.

Harman said he was helping with the walk because some of the proceeds go to local food pantries.

Twenty-five percent of the total proceeds from the day will go to local food pantries, while the rest of the money will go to Church World Services, an international organization dedicated to fighting world poverty and hunger, and providing international relief funds.

With music, a big tent, ice cream and the constant snap of photographs, the event seemed more like a festival than a charity walk, but when Rich Coleman, a member of the CROP Walk Committee took the microphone, he focused walkers on their cause.

"We have a worthy cause here," he said, citing the fact that 10 million people die of hunger every year around the world. "That is an unfair situation, but we are here to do something to help."

And after an opening prayer by Father Marc Montminy of St. Michael Parish, walkers took to the line and set out to fight hunger with fund-raising and footsteps.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tomorrow is the start of my Yoga Retreat! Hannelore, my Yoga Teacher has invited Rama Jyoti Vernon to New Hampshire for a retreat. Rama is the founder of Unity of Yoga, International Yoga College, and the Co-Founder of Yoga Journal Magazine. She has been a devoted leader of peace missions in the USSR, Middle East, China and Central America. Her unique approach developed over years through study with great yoga masters and self-reflection. I will keep you posted! Wish me luck.......I am so excited to meet her!

As it gets colder.....

Thank your lucky stars if you have a house with heat or a living space with heat. This year it got cold really fast and for some it may not be a big deal but for those with out shelter it is something that is hard to deal with. Hunger and homelessness isn't something that just happens on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and all other holidays that we collect food baskets for. Hunger and Homelessness happens every day to children, teenagers, adults, seniors, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles all around America and the World. Two years ago I participated in a 24 hour retreat with my church on the UNH campus called City Reach. We went to Boston and had a tour of Boston from someone who was Homeless. My tour guide was Larry. He was homeless for 7 years and was on his way to recovery. He showed us the door step he called home and slept on at night during his time of homelessness. It was a door step to a store that had an indent...he said it helped keep the wind out. (It really didn't) After our hour long tour Larry had tears in his eyes and pointed to a building in the distance with the light one and said- "That's where I live now. I have been off the streets for 6 months."
After he gave us the tour that night we all went inside and all of the students slept inside the church...yes, inside the church on pews and the church floor. There was only a door and a wall that separated us from the homeless. On our way into the church there were 20+ people gathered together with blankets on the steps of the church. When I went to sleep I could hear them coughing and moaning from the cold. It was a tough night.
The next day we walked around boston with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in back packs and handed them out to anyone who looked hungry. We also invited people into the Cathedral to have a warm meal and pick up some warm clothes for the winter. City Reach was a good experience and I still have the cross that symbolizes Common Cathedral. There is a church service held outside every Sunday by the fountain for the homeless. It is an experience I will never forget.

Tonight in the Exeter area the temperature is 39 degrees. It's cold out...and many Americans are sleeping outside tonight. I am thankful for many things.


For those of you who read my must know about the Garden at the Timberland Company. There is a team of employees who planted the garden, maintain the garden, and harvest. The produce is sold by donation at Timberland and the money goes to the NH Food Bank. Tonight my family ate brussel sprouts and eggplant from the garden! I am not a big fan of brussel sprouts but they were pretty good! It was good to know that my dinner supported the Food Bank.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Be present
Don't compare yourself to others

Chants from yoga:
I'm positive, energetic, enthusiastic
Awake and ready

Go Apple Picking and support your local farmers! My parents went last weekend to Applecrest and the apples are delishhhh!
What you can do with apples: make homemade apple sauce (my moms is the best), make apple pie, apple crisp, put apples on top of ice cream, or dip them in some caramel!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Operation Frontline in Rockingham County!

I am excited to say that I will be attending an Operation Frontline Curriculum and Classroom Management Training session next week. I volunteered through the NH Food Bank to help out with OFL classes in the Rockingham County. Becca Story, a good friend at the Food Bank and RD said she would be glad to have me on board again with OFL Classes. A few years ago I helped at a class in Somersworth and last year I was a teacher in Derry at the Upper Room. This year I will be the volunteer chef. I will be teaching the cooking portion of the class. The OFL program is a 6 week nutrition and cooking class for those who are living on a low income budget. This class helps kids, adults, and families make healthy choices on a low income budget. I am excited to teach at the New Outlook Teen Center in Exeter I will be working with Teens in the town I attended High School. Check back in November to see how classes are going!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pulaski Fishing Trip

I went on a fishing trip with my dad and some of his friends this weekend. My dad has been going to Pulaski NY to fish for Salmon for 20 years now. He always brings home pictures and stories I remember the pictures from when I was a kid. This year I didn't have school and I was invited! I thought I would be the only girl because he goes with his two friends and one brings his son and the other brings his nephew. Lucky for me....Matt (the nephew) brought his girlfriend! We had an interesting 7 hour road trip with Brian and Matt. Brian is a Broker for my dad so they are work buddies and Matt goes to Rodger Williams. So as we were driving through New York we saw a horse and joke on the highway! We saw a cranberry bog and farmers harvesting the cranberries. We saw an amish family selling baked goods on the side of the road. We saw a lot of things! One thing I did realize as we were driving is to try not to complain about my life because no matter what, someone else will always have it worse. Driving through NY really made me think. Some people are living in caving houses, houses with out windows, houses that are falling apart, houses that need a lot of work etc. It was very sad.
Moving on.....the entire drive down was nice and when we got there it started to RAIN! So we bought rain jackets, and went fishing anyway. That night my dad and I both caught a Salmon! My dad had to show me how to catch one because these salmon are big and put up a nice fight. I learned a lot of lingo while fishing on the lake. When you catch a fish you yell "FISH ON" and immediately everyone is alert. "Coming up/Coming down" basically means get out of my way Mr.! It's what you say when your fish is swiming on your line away from you. You need to follow the fish and keep it in control. If you move to quick you will lose it and if you let the fish swim near any will most likely lose it too. It takes a lot of practice to get it all right. The salmon I caught was huuuuge I could barely pick it up. The picture is Hilarious and I am waiting for my dad to send it so I can post it up! It was a ton of fun and I'm glad my dad took me!

Alumni Homecoming 2009!!!

Now that I am an alumni of course I have to go to the UNH Football Homecoming game!!!! I am so excited to see my friends again. Some of my friends are still living near by and I get to see them but others have moved away. I am excited to get together with them and see how everyone is doing in LIFE AFTER COLLEGE!!! I know that so far I am doing well.....I am also excited to see all of my younger college friends. At school I was an RA so I know a lot of students who are a year younger than me and just from being on campus and involved in many activities I know this weekend will be a lot of fun!

Miss NH Local Competitions!

Congratulations to all the young women who have the chance to compete for Miss NH 2010! I have been fishing, taking yoga classes, working amongst other things and haven't been able to compete in all the locals this year. I have had a lot of fun in the locals I have competed in this summer! Congratulations:
Miss Bedford: Sarah Mousseau
Miss Deerfield Fair: Elysha Greenberg
Miss Greater Derry: Krystal Muccioli
Miss Hooksett: Rebecca Rendina
Miss Kingston: Janine Mitchell
Miss Lakes Region: Erica Millett
Miss Londonderry: Alyssa McLaughlin (my first room mate at Miss NH a while back!!!)
Miss Manadonock Region: Asheley Chaput
Miss Seacoast: Adria Farr
Miss Strafford County: Lissa Silk
Miss Stratham Fair: Regan Hartley
Miss University: Margo Reola
Miss Weirs Beach: Megan Lyman
Miss Winnipesaukee: Jenn Clements

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New England States Miss America Conference Day 2

With Sam Haskell the author of "Promises I Made My Mother". He was a speaker at the Conference and has a truly amazing story. A story that started with a dream. To have the Cheer man come to his house.........the story made me cry! It reminded me about my dream to sing with Shania Twain using a sign, and his dream to meet the Cheer Man with his sign. His story also proves the point that good things happen to good people and things can happen when you least expect them. His house was chosen randomly. To really understand I think you will have to read the book! All in all he is an amazing man, with an amazing story, who gives back to the community, and who truly makes a difference. Also, a wonderful speaker who paints an image which makes him unforgettable. It was such an honor to meet him.

With Carry and David of Regalia after purchasing the sexiest interview get up of all time and the classiest gown I've ever put on. They spent a lot of time with me and are two men who have great advice and won't force you into a gown that isn't you. I liked that about them. They also were fun to talk to in general. We were lucky to have them at the NE States Conference they are really in the business because they love it and are happy with what they do!
With Designer Trisha Tidd from Togatae Designs check her out on facebook: Togatae Designs
With my make up artist Kriss! I was her face model at her class at the conference! It was so much fun and such an honor to be her model. Here is some info from her Facebook Site:
Featured on Inside Edition, Access Hollywood..featured in the Los Angeles Times, Allure, The NY Times...Makeup Artist Kriss Soterion is known for her artistry for Presidential Candidates, celebrity News and Media personalities..she is the queen of makeup metamorphasis...

Yoga School

I had my first yoga class the other day and learned so much. There are 10 students ranging from 22-66 years old. The class is so diverse which makes it so much fun! Every woman has a different background and is there for a different reason but we all share one thing in common. Through yoga we want to form a community, learn about balance, create energy, and use the mind, body, and spirit to change our lives and the lives of others. Some want to learn yoga so they can teach (aka me) and others want to learn yoga so they can have a daily practice on their own with an understanding of what they are doing. Hannelore, my Yoga Teacher made us a delicious lunch, something I have never had before it was called Kitcheree: rice with mung-dal beans and veggies...very good! We were in class from 9am-5:45pm it was a long day but I could have stayed there all week. We all grew stronger as a group and I can't wait for our next class....until then I'll be practicing my Mountain, warrior, and half moon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New England States Miss America Conference

Rick Brinkley, Miss America's National Judges Coordinator
With Bill Haggerty one of the best producers in the Miss America Program! Bill has an amazing sense of humor and worked in the education system for many years. The teacher side of him comes out all the time and we all love him very much. He worked very hard with the NE committee to put the event on. Thanks for helping put the show together Bill, it truly was a meaningful weekend for many young women and adults. We will win Miss America some day for you, I promise!

With Bebe Shopp, Miss America 1948. She is the very first Miss America I ever met! I graduated high school with her grandson and he was able to set up a time for us to meet my Freshman year of college, 4 years ago! I met her at Panera Bread in Portsmouth for lunch and tea. She is full of life experience, knowledge, and is still stunning. 4 years ago she gave me a picture of her with 5 tips on the back (sorry I can't give her secrets away) I have carried this picture in my jewlery box to every local and state competition I have been in for 4 years. I told her that this weekend at the conference and she said.....oh dear you shouldn't bring it with you to your next one. I am taking her advice! I will read it before I leave my house for Miss Rockingham County and keep it home. Thank you for all your support Bebe.

With Brenda Keith (Miss NH ED) and Lissa Silk (Miss Strafford County). Brenda is like a second mother to all of the Miss NH Contestants. She devotes her time and energy to the program and to all of us so we can one day be as successful as she is. Did you know she was a race car driver???? She said that was her sport when she was younger and she loved it. Now when she goes on vacation she gets the fast cars because she loves being behind the wheel-it's part of her vacation. She is also full of life experience and I am eager to learn more about her. She was at the conference this weekend and was around to make sure everyone from NH was having a good time. She got to sit with Bebe, Sam, a former Miss Indiana, the owner of Vera Bradley, the director of Miss MA, and other distinguished guests. It was a great opportunity for everyone to network!


The big moment! Katie Stam, Miss America 2009 is the second Miss America I have crossed paths with. She is 23 and has one more semester of school left and is my role model. When she spoke at the conference I didn't want her to stop. I wanted her to keep speaking. She was refreshing, enlightening, polished, elegant, and the face of the Miss America Organization that says I am worthy, I am brave, I am strong, and I can do this. She told great stories and brought tears to my eyes. I was sitting so close to her while she spoke she is a true inspiration and gave me the extra boost that I can do anything. Thank you Katie for taking a picture with me and for making a difference in my life. You are a wonderful Miss America.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Grand Total of the GABS Summer 2009

Kelsey and I have had a lot of bake sales this summer.  We made a lot of chocolate chip cookies, cup cakes, banana bread, and so much more!  We want to thank everyone who made our bake sales possible because we had a team of over 20 bakers who baked a difference for the entire summer.  It was a community effort to come together and raise money for SOS AND the NH Food Bank in a huge time of need.  We partnered with 4 local businesses Sweet Dreams Bakery, Saint Anthony's Bakery, Shaws, and Sams Club.  With out the support of local businesses we wouldn't have been as successful as we were.  It was helpful for the bakeries to donate treats for us to sell and it was helpful for the corporations to donate gift cards so we could buy baking items!  It really was a team effort and we all raised over $600 together to help feed people in our state and across America.  We went 50/50 and donated half to SOS and half to the NH Food Bank.  It was a successful summer and we all had fun.  
Thank You - Great American Bake Sale‏
From:Bomberg, Jessica (
Sent:Tue 9/01/09 8:30 PM
Dear Alicia,

Thank you so much for participating in Great American Bake Sale. Congratulations to you and your team, Kelsey McDonald and Alicia Rossman's Bake Sale, for raising $320 and contributing to more than $1.2 million raised this year so far! We appreciate your team’s efforts in helping end childhood hunger. More than 12 million American children are at risk of hunger, but your efforts will help ensure that they get the nutritious food they need to learn, grow and thrive.

Thank you again for your support and we hope you’ll join us for another great bake sale next year.


Jessica Bomberg
Great American Bake Sale Coordinator
Share Our Strength
1730 M St, NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036

Only 1 more week until I am no longer Miss Lakes Region

There is only one more week left of Alicia Rossman Miss Lakes Region 2009. I had such a great year with Wayne and Debbie my directors! I really felt great this year at Miss New Hampshire and was thrilled to be in the top 5. I couldn't have done it with out their help. I have competed for 4 years now and have won probably over $40,000 now....I have to get the exact tally. The program has helped me tremendously in terms of scholarship and also it has helped me be a better person in society. I have learned how to represent myself with class and will never forget all of the lessons I have learned from the program. I will also never forget all of the volunteers who have touched my life in some way or another. There are hundreds of volunteers for the Miss NH program and I really am thankful for all of their support.

It has been a long and hard 4 years...competing isn't easy. It takes dedication, respect, and drive. I only have one more year left to make it happen. I have decided to give it one more shot! I would really be thankful for the opportunity to volunteer for an entire year to not only work on my platform but really reach out to the entire New Hampshire community at events across the state. It would be an honor and I am going to try my best to make it happen. The first step started on September 1st! My work outs.....begin again. I have a great trainer and know I will be in top shape by November 28th, my first competition. I have a list of goals and count downs for the 28th, but I can't give away all my secrets! Well I guess one more- I want to work on my platform once a week!

Ok....and I can't wait for the New England States Conference. It will be a great opportunity to network with professionals from all over America who have a common interest! I can't wait for the hair seminar! I need a new doo. There are going to be so many special guests like Mary Morin, Kriss Soterion, Dana Rosengard, MISS AMERICA, Rick Brinkley..........people I can't wait to see! It's going to be an exciting weekend.

No School

This was the first time I haven't been in school since I was about 3 or 4. It feels GREAT....the only problem is, is my job with the whole grains council is almost over. I am a project manager and am assigned projects. My projects for the summer are almost over. I have applied to just about every hospital in New Hampshire and am crossing my fingers. I am also looking into pharmaceutical sales. Thanks to the Miss New Hampshire Program I have a few contacts in the pharmaceutical sales field so I was lucky enough to talk with someone to get some advice. I am working on getting my Personal Trainers Certificate through ACSM and Yoga School starts September 27th! I am very excited for Yoga to start and also a bit anxious about a lot of things. Life is just starting for me.......and it's a little scary. I no longer have health insurance for the first time in my life and I'm nervous about everything! I know I will find a job because I am a hard worker and I know it will take some time but it would be nice just to have something certain and concrete for now. My friends and I all got together last night and we still feel like college kids. There were about 10+ of us and about 5 of them are taking one more semester of classes because they didn't want to graduate and the other half really has no idea what they want to do. Life is a big decision. We are all happy we have degrees but it's the next step that is most important.

Do I get a masters? If I get a masters what will my focus be? Do I know what I want to do for the rest of my life? Do I have enough money to get an apartment? Do I have enough money to pay my car payments? My school loan payments kick in in January will I have the money to pay for that? If my job doesn't have benefits why would I want to pay $400/month for health insurance? Is it worth it? Can I pay for gas? Can I pay for food (not ramen noodles....I mean like vegetables, fruits, whole grains- you know- the good stuff?) Should I join the peace corps? What about Teach for America? Are there any jobs that will pay for me to go back to school? What about oil changes every 3 months? What about going to the bar with friends or out to dinner? Bottom is way to expensive how does anyone afford it? Luckily I can live at home for a while until I figure things out.

Monday, August 31, 2009

In the news

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Country Fest Gillette Stadium Miss NH Fundraiser

Holy Cow! I got to see Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, and Kenny LIVE while volunteering at the Freeport Fryer! I had so much fun at the concert and was able to help raise money for the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program at the same time!