Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kayaking with Julie May 15, 2009

Julie and I went kayaking to celebrate being done with school!  I plan on buying a kayak once my funds are replenished from the dent that was made by a little thing called VEGAS.  I spent a lot of money.  I will be working hard this summer to save up some money to buy a kayak and all of the bells and whistles that go along with it!

First Fishing meeting with the New England Saltwater Fly Rodders at Jappa Flats - Plum Island June 2nd

My Dad and I went Fishing at Jappa Flats - Plum Island for our first fly fishing club meeting.  We had a lot of fun and there were about 40 fishers from the club.  I had a lot of fun but no one even got a bite!  I am looking forward to fishing this weekend my dad and I are going to Cape Cod with some members from the club and we hope we catch a few fish then!   

Graduation Lobster Bake at UNH hosted by the Alumni Center

The UNH Lobster Bake was our only event to celebrate graduation.  I was looking forward to a senior week but this was the extent of senior week.  It was a ton of fun!  It was a great event to bring all of the seniors together to enjoy a lobster meal or eggplant parm for the vegetarians.  Down below is a picture of me with all of my friends at the lobster bake.  If you were wondering I'm 22.