Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First class of Operation Frontline in Rockingham County!

Today I worked from 5am-1:30 and then drove right over to the New Outlook Teen Center http://www.newoutlookteencenter.org/ The center is located in Exeter and I will be a Chef and Nutrition Instructor with two other women for duration of the 6 week OFL course. We have 10 students from 6 towns in Rockingham County from the Middle School and High School. Today we spent time introducing the program, talking about MyPyramid, and cooking! The kids love the cooking part. We taught the kids about knife and kitchen safety and then they learned how to chop tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, squash, scallions,made mexican lasagna, black bean salsa, and fruit smoothies. The kids ate the meal when we were done and then helped clean up! It was a fun class and I can't wait for next class.

I have a job!

I have been working at Elliot Hospital for a week now. I am in my second week of training and really enjoy it so far! I work for Nutrition Services as a Nutrition Assistant. It is a lot of fun because I get patient interaction. I am assigned at least one floor each day and visit with the patients to talk to them about their new diet, how their food is, and what they would like to eat while they are at Elliot HS. There is so much to learn! There are so many different diets and diet orders that it will be hard to learn everything all at once. I am doing well so far and have a week and a half of training left. I am so happy I found a job in my field! I have been looking since April and am happy with the job I found.