Friday, May 7, 2010

The next Miss Manchester will take place on August 29th!  Go to the site for info on how to sign up!

Talent Son of a Preacher Man

Costume made by AJ!  I loved my costume.  I told AJ I wanted something sexy and red for my talent costume.  That same day he sent me a sketch of this very costume.  When it was made after my final fitting I put the costume on and began to cry.  I LOVED IT!  I've never worked with a designer who is so amazing.  He is so much fun and puts his all into his designs.  I was a bit nervous about it at first but the final product is always breath taking.  I felt like a professional singer on Friday night and totally rocked it.  I love singing and that performance was something I had been waiting to do at Miss NH for years!  I'm glad I finally got the opportunity to entertain at Miss NH!  I loved every second on that stage after all I only got 2 minutes :)

After the show

Come to the Fashion Show!

Thank you to my Sponsors

Over the past 5 years I have been supported by so many businesses and I am really proud of the connections I have made.  For me it is easy to get sponsors because I am enthusiastic about my platform and what I do as Miss xyz.  I always print off my platform and resume for sponsors to look over and then send them the link to my blog so they can see what kind of volunteering I do not only in NH but other states as well.  I wanted to take the time to thank everyone.

Bid 2 Win Software: wardrobe/ everything sponsor

Training Effects/ Josh St. Ours: free Personal Training 2X/ week

Jessica Todd from 6 degrees salon in Portsmouth and Loreal Professional: free hair cuts and styling

Kim Keyes Photography by Kimberly: sponsor of head shots

Dr. Domingo: Teeth cleaning and whitening

Scott Richardson: song arrangement 2009 "I was here"

Anew Center for Medical Aesthetics (Dr. Howard Suls):  Laser Hair Removal

Off Broadway: 4 pairs of shoes/year for competition and appearances

Debbie Spencer 2005-2008: free hair cuts

Morrocan Oil: free hair products

American Eagle Mall of New Hampshire: discount on jean shorts for swim suit number

Macys Mall of NewHampshire: swim suit sponsor (my total cost $7.00) what a DEAL! thanks to Paul, Pauline, and Lisa!

Pacific Beach Tanning: free tanning for 4 years

Integrity: Tom Jill and Rocco

Exeter Day Spa: Spa day and over $300 of services before Miss NH 4 years

Sandy Martin, Anthony's Bakery, Sweet Dreams, Shaws, Sams Club: bake sale donations

My Parents

Thank you to my mom and dad for not only supporting me but going on this 5 year journey of Miss NH!  Not only is it stressful for the contestant but it's stressful for the parents.  When my name wasn't called for the top 10 this year I wanted to just go over and see them.  I held it together while I was on stage mainly because I was in shock and disbelief.  I could see my parents faces too they were pretty close to the front.  They said they held hands through it.  My parents didn't chose this pageant life I did and I thank them for following me and always supporting me.  It's rough and not easy.  My mom always helped with my bake sales and my dad always helped me get ready for interview. 

My dad loves politics and anything to do with debating!  He likes to be right too.  He was fun source to talk to about anything in the news, he always knew the answer.  He's very knowledgeable about everything really.  Current events, wars, history, local news, global news.  I was challenged a lot when we talked.  He always helps with technical things like pictures and printing things off the computer.  He helps make signs for my bake sales and whatever I need to go into class rooms and autograph cards.  So I'm not going to lie pageant life was BRUTAL my first year.  I suck at directions and luckily I had my dad to help.  I had a car with multiple problems and GPS's weren't even invented yet I don't think (that's how ancient I am).  I spent a lot of car rides in tears because I was lost on the way to an appearance but my dad always walked me through it over the cell phone with his map skills.  He always helps with car issues too.  Changing head lights, filling my tires, making sure I have a car jumper battery, safety kit, and mace just in case.  Ohh dad!  So 5 years later I have a GPS and still get lost and I still have him to call so life is good. 

My mom always knows the right thing to do and it continues to amaze me. If I am running late she'll make me breakfast to go.  If I need help with something she just knows and can tell what I need and just does it with out me even asking.  If I need help bringing stuff down to my car she will help and ask my dad to help too.  She accepts my million phone calls while she's at work.  Does research on things I need help with when preparing for interview.  She's just thoughtful and always knows what I'm doing.  She wishes me luck and asks how things went.   

My parents have been great through this whole journey but I think we are all happy it's over.  We had fun while it lasted but we are all ready to move on.  Having to hold it together after your kid isn't called for the top 10 is probably one of the worst feelings in the world.  This was the first year where they didn't have any suggestions, any helpful criticism because everything was perfect so not being in the top 10 was just crazy.  This was the first year I wasn't stressed out for ANYTHING.  It was go time I had fun and rocked every phase of competition with grace and sexiness.  It would be one thing if I couldn't sing, or if I was out of shape, if I fell, if I didn't practice, if I wasn't ready, if I was hideous, if I wore an ugly gown, but none of that is true.  The judges were nuts end of story.  NUTS I tell you....NUTS phew I feel much better :)


My sister ran in the Boston Marathon for the first time and finished at 4 hours and 37 minutes.  She didn't even look tired while she was running.  My dad and mom maped out the course and we went to about 5 different stops to watch her run.  I think we were about as exhausted as she was with all the driving, in the car, out of the car, find a spot!  It was crazy.  Jess finished great and looked like she had fun.  I think she was in a little bit of pain but not too bad.  We finished the night off at Boston Beerworks for a delicious blueberry beer and great food!  It was a fun day.  Congrats Jess for finishing :)