Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm venting about my run in with the 3rd Yama: Asteya

Every month I write an Essay for Yoga school and for January 17th I wrote about the word Asteya.

"Asteya is the third yama and is commonly known as honesty or abstinence from theft. Acknowledging what is truly yours and being content with that is a struggle for a lot of people. People have a hard time being content with what they have." ~Alicia

Right after I wrote this essay I ran into the word Asteya right after coming out of the mall of NH on January 19th. My passenger side window was smashed in and I had 2 things stolen out of my car.

I had my work bag stolen with my work clothes, a beautiful scarf from my aunt, my book to study to be a CPT, ALL my note cards and notes that I have spent hours on, my Ipod Touch (which is my bible for telling me where I need to be and when it's mainly my planner). SO SAD!

At first I was angry because they broke my window, then I was angry because they stole something that WASN'T a purse, and then I was sad when I realized what was gone. When I realized they took my scarf that my aunt got for me I began to cry. It meant so much to me.

I am sorry for those who feel the need to take things from others. I am lucky that nothing happened physically to me and that they did not take more from my car. I practically live out of my car-you name it-it's in there- I'm the "Just in Case Girl"!

"When following asteya we should try not to be greedy, instead we should try to be happy with what we have, how we are, where we live, where we went to school, who our friends are, the car we drive, the jewelry we have, the husband we have etc."

"Good things will come your way if you are genuine, kind, and giving. Each time you stray away try to think of Asteya."

I hope that the people who took my things have a safe place to stay and at some point I hope they realize that what they did was not cool and it really hurt my trust for others. They most likely didn't get hugged as a child, or read to, and their mom probably didn't make up stories every night about the bubble gum fairy like my mom did. Some day they will grow up and realize what they did was wrong. I hope they enjoy my ipod it's got a lot of AKON on it!!!

I drove home with a window open at the end of the snow storm, I was freezing and couldn't put my gloves on because they were covered with glass.