Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Robbery Update

Good News someone found some my things! A man who works for the DOT found two things on 93. Bad news I didn't realize all that was gone. First I forgot my checkbook was in my bag that's how the man found my number to call me. Second the man found my crown box. One problem.............the crown wasn't in it! The sash and little pillow were there but not the crown! What are they going to do with the crown????? Makes me so mad! I am thankful that some of my things were found. Last night when I got home I talked to myself for a good hour before I went to bed about how I thought it would show up somewhere. Luckily it did. Let's wait until I actually pick the bags up until we get too excited. Stay Positive. The Ipod and Crown are still missing and I'm not sure what else but I will shortly know!

Glass of America will come tomorrow to fix my window so I can drive my car again with out freezing my face off.

over and out.

MLK Food Drive Partnership

I recently hosted a food drive with my mom at Timberland that was a part of the Manchester Vista Project MLK Food Drive. I brought the food to the NH Food Bank today and the weigh in was 101 pounds!

MLK food drive a success in N.H.

January 19, 2010 6:22 PM

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A Martin Luther King Food Drive in New Hampshire has collected more than 3,000 pounds of food and other items from around the state.
The three-week food drive was planned to replenish dwindling supplies at local New Hampshire pantries and was one of many activities planned to honor King's legacy.
Organizers say 64 collection sites were set up in 35 towns while 40 organizations planned their own food drives.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm venting about my run in with the 3rd Yama: Asteya

Every month I write an Essay for Yoga school and for January 17th I wrote about the word Asteya.

"Asteya is the third yama and is commonly known as honesty or abstinence from theft. Acknowledging what is truly yours and being content with that is a struggle for a lot of people. People have a hard time being content with what they have." ~Alicia

Right after I wrote this essay I ran into the word Asteya right after coming out of the mall of NH on January 19th. My passenger side window was smashed in and I had 2 things stolen out of my car.

I had my work bag stolen with my work clothes, a beautiful scarf from my aunt, my book to study to be a CPT, ALL my note cards and notes that I have spent hours on, my Ipod Touch (which is my bible for telling me where I need to be and when it's mainly my planner). SO SAD!

At first I was angry because they broke my window, then I was angry because they stole something that WASN'T a purse, and then I was sad when I realized what was gone. When I realized they took my scarf that my aunt got for me I began to cry. It meant so much to me.

I am sorry for those who feel the need to take things from others. I am lucky that nothing happened physically to me and that they did not take more from my car. I practically live out of my car-you name it-it's in there- I'm the "Just in Case Girl"!

"When following asteya we should try not to be greedy, instead we should try to be happy with what we have, how we are, where we live, where we went to school, who our friends are, the car we drive, the jewelry we have, the husband we have etc."

"Good things will come your way if you are genuine, kind, and giving. Each time you stray away try to think of Asteya."

I hope that the people who took my things have a safe place to stay and at some point I hope they realize that what they did was not cool and it really hurt my trust for others. They most likely didn't get hugged as a child, or read to, and their mom probably didn't make up stories every night about the bubble gum fairy like my mom did. Some day they will grow up and realize what they did was wrong. I hope they enjoy my ipod it's got a lot of AKON on it!!!

I drove home with a window open at the end of the snow storm, I was freezing and couldn't put my gloves on because they were covered with glass.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Would anyone like to help me host a food drive?


December 28, 2009 CONTACT: Jen Greer


CONCORD, NH – In an effort to carry the spirit of goodwill into the new year, Volunteer NH announces the statewide Martin Luther King Food Drive which will run from December 28, 2009, through January 15, 2010. Food collected during this time will follow the holiday seasonal food drives and help replenish dwindling supplies at local pantries throughout the state.

The MLK Food Drive is one of hundreds of activities that cities and states throughout the country are organizing to honor Dr. King’s legacy of service. This initiative is a partnership among Volunteer NH, United Ways of NH, Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and local organizations and businesses that are hosting food collection sites.

Food assistance donation programs are facing increased demand and pressure as more people seek help during the holidays and year-round. During its first year of operation, 2-1-1 NH, the statewide information and referral service, fielded 987 calls related to food assistance. Food was the most-often searched subject on from June 2008 to June 2009.

“The needs of New Hampshire citizens have increased and unfortunately donations to food pantries have declined,” said Volunteer NH’s Executive Director Tim Dupre. “The Martin Luther King Food Drive offers an opportunity for New Hampshire’s strong volunteer base and compassionate citizens to overcome this challenge and combat hunger in the Granite State.” With over 60,000 people seeking food assistance in New Hampshire each year, it is clear that hunger doesn’t stop after the holidays.

Volunteer NH is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote the tradition of service in New Hampshire. Building on that strong volunteer spirit, Volunteer NH supports and sponsors national service initiatives and provides training, recognition, and a central site for volunteers and volunteer programs to help them strengthen their communities.

For information regarding the food drive and collection locations, please contact Kara Swedlow by phone at 603-271-7211, by email at; online at

Miss NH Fashion Show and VEGAS

The other night we were graced by the presence of Miss NH 2009 Lindsey! We were able to view her wardrobe and wish her luck at Miss America. She has a lot of great dresses and I can't wait to see her on stage! I leave for Vegas on the 23rd with my sister. We are ready to have a fun time! If you are going make sure you check out Regalia, Togate, and Kriss Cosmetics at the Trade Show!

Final Tally!

I have some very exciting news! This year I have won the most amount of scholarships I've ever won in a year. I have totaled $8,533.00 in four local competitions!
Miss Greater Derry $2,700 (2nd Runner-Up and Community Service winner)
Miss Winni and W. Beach: $700 (1st Runner-up)
Miss Rockingham County $2,533 (1st Runner-up, Talent winner, Interview tie, Community Service Award, & Peoples Choice Award.
Miss Manchester $2,600 WINNER and Interview award

Thank you to: Danielle and Gary, Tina and Gary, Paula and crew, and Debbie! You have made this year a little bit easier financially because I graduated and loan payments started this month it has been hard.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to say congratulations. I have gotten a lot of emails, texts, and messages on facebook. I even got a letter in the mail today! It's nice to know how many people are supporting me! It really means a lot to me and really gives me the strength to keep going.

Pound for Pound Challenge!

I just got a great message from Audra about the Pound for Pound Challenge! I challenge you to go to: and sign yourself up!

I have taken a pledge to lose weight and help fight hunger by signing up for the Pound For Pound Challenge. For every pound I lose, 14¢ will be donated to Feeding America®–enough to deliver one pound of groceries to a local food bank. Maximum donation of $800,000.

Feeding America provides groceries each year to 25 million Americans at risk of hunger. I urge you to take the Pound For Pound Challenge and join me in the fight against hunger.

Thanks for your help.

PS I only signed up for 5 pounds if you think you are healthy enough to lose weight then do so! Challenge yourself in the new year to lose anywhere from 1-50 pounds!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Miss Manchester 2010!

2) What a way to start off the new year!
3) Thank you to the 5 people who decided that I could do the job of Miss Manchester
4) I was in the paper twice in 2010 and it's only been 3 days!!! How COOL

Ok so I say it's go time because now that I am Miss Manchester the count down starts for Miss NH 2010! I am so excited for the competition and to be a part of such an amazing production. The moment Jamie Staton says "This is it" (or something along those lines) and the music pounds and I remember my first dance moves (yes it takes a lot of concentration) my heart pounds and I can't wait to hear the crowd cheer! It's such a good feeling something that's hard to describe.

So really as we all know different day different judges different winner. It could be anyone and I really thank those 5 judges for everything. It's going to be a great year. I have already thought about what I can do in the Manchester area! Did you know the NH FOOD BANK is in perfect! I woke up yesterday to an email from Melanie Gosselin, the ED of the NH Food Bank wishing me luck and thanking Kelsey and me for our donation. She said "It's the work that our community does that makes what we do possible."

I woke up today with an email from Michele Garron the Operations Manager of the NH Food Bank she wanted to congratulate me on winning Miss Manchester and she said: "If you need any support from the NH Food Bank please let me know and again thank you for your continued support of our program. I am sure with your talent and dedication you will go far!"

These two women have really done great work at the Food Bank. As far as I am concerned we have the hardest working staff in all of America. We have a garden which produces fresh food to be distributed to food pantries across the state, we have a beautiful kitchen that is a job training facility, check out their website it's just amazing what they have done.

It is nice to know that after four long and hard years of working for the Food Bank they truly believe in me, support me, and know that the work I have done has been because I love to do it!

I am thankful for the opportunity to work in the Manchester Community, to work with Debbie to prepare for Miss NH, and thankful for one last chance to be Miss New Hampshire.

Cheers to 2010
over and out

PS I won a $2,500 Scholarship THANKS DEBBIE you are the best! I also won the interview award ($100.00), a membership to GOLDS GYM, and a Dental cleaning and whitening from Dr. Ernani Domingo!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Local women fight against hunger |

Local women fight against hunger |


January 01, 2010 2:00 AM
EXETER — Two local girls have teamed up to fight hunger with Share Our Strength (SOS) and the New Hampshire Food Bank.

Alicia Rossman of Brentwood, a 22-year-old University of New Hampshire graduate with a nutritional sciences degree, and Kelsey MacDonald, a sophomore at Exeter High School, have been working together to make a difference in their New Hampshire community by hosting Great American Bake Sales around the Seacoast and donating the money to SOS and the NH Food Bank.

They have hosted bake sales at the Exeter Concert Series on Swasey Parkway, at Timberland, and at the Stratham Fair — just to name a few.

In the past four years, the girls have raised close to $6,000 for both organizations.

The girls recently helped the NH Food Bank meet a goal of matching $100,000 to earn $100,000 from the Trustees of the Madelaine G. Von Weber Trust in just 10 days. Rossman and MacDonald delivered a check for $300.

The girls thank the team of over 20 bakers who helped them throughout the process as well as local businesses and bakeries and stress that the NH Food Bank is always in need. To learn more, visit