Monday, June 1, 2009

Miss America

I can't wait to go to Vegas for Miss America! My sister, my friend Justina, and I all went to Las Vegas last week to celebrate my sister graduating with as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and myself graduating with a Bachelor of Science for Nutritional Sciences! We had a lot of fun, we stopped by Planet Hollywood and knew I needed to go see the Miss America show this year. The show is January 30, 2010 at Planet Hollywood. This year there will be 53 contestants because they just added Puerto Rico...this will bring in even more viewers for a very exciting show. I can't wait!

I GOT A JOB thank the lord!

I will be working for the Whole Grains Council on a few projects. Last semester I completed a huge research project which analyzed whole grains. My boss, Cindy presented all of the information I gathered in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago. After working with them for the semester they hired me to work on some new projects and I am delighted to be on board with them! To learn more about whole grains visit:
make half your grains whole grains! Try a box of cherrios for favorite (besides grapefruit)!

I will also be working at 3 different farmers markets: Exeter, Durham, and Kingston
I will be selling crops for catnip acres of Epping. This will be a great opportunity to meet people who are growing locally. It will also be a great opportunity for me to encourage people to buy fresh local produce to help nourish their bodies. After all....I am a nutrition major! I will do anything involving food, friendship, nutrition, and community!

The first fish of the season!

My dad and I went fishing yesterday (Sunday) right after I spent the entire day judging the idol competition. We caught our first fish of the season. My dad and I went with our neighbor Rich so technically he should get some credit too! It was Rich's first time fly fishing so we all had a blast. My dad caught a 23 inch BEAUTIFUL striper. I remember I used to watch a fishing show when I was little on TV and the fisherman always kissed the fish before he released it....I might make my dad do that with his next fish! Pictures to come.....

Karaoke Idol

I had a lot of fun on May 31st judging the 3rd annual Exeter Karaoke Idol competition. I have been a celebrity judge for 3 years and have seen a lot of talent. This year I was lucky enough to judge alongside Mark Ericson from WOKQ's morning waking crew. It's my favorite radio of course! Sandy Martin has organized the Idol competition for 3 years and it truly gets better every year. I can't wait to judge again next year.


Yay!!! Congratulations to all the UNH graduates. I am so excited to say I finished 4 extremely hard years at the University of New Hampshire and I finished CUM LAUDE. I am proud of my accomplishment!