Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Operation Frontline Week 3 Fruit and Vegetable Week

This Tuesday was so much fun!  Below you will find a picture of Tracy, myself, Sheryl, and Amelia!  Amelia volunteers for the New Outlook Teen Center and the rest of us volunteer for the New Hampshire Food Bank as Nutrition Instructors and Chefs!  At the beginning of class we did apple taste testing.  We had 12 different apples that each student got to try...and the teachers too!  The apples all had such a different taste and texture it was a great learning opportunity for everyone.  Below the picture of us you will see the girls learning how to prep vegetables for vegetable soup.  They also learned how to cut potatoes and how to make cajun sweet potato fries and regular potato fries.  They learned how to make kale chips (olive oil and salt bake at 425 until crisp) they were so good!  They learned how to make apple pear sauce...SO EASY: apples, pears, and water what a healthy snack.  They then asked what to do with all the left overs and we said make some snack bags!  The kids really had a lot of fun this week. They are learning so much.  I am thankful to work with Tracey, Sheryl and Amelia we really make a good team and have a lot of fun together.