Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Salvation Army Toy Shop

with Kelsey MacDonald at the Salvation Army Toy Shop 12/23/2009. We are joined by Bob and Paul! Kelsey and I volunteered at the Radisson at the Expo Center in Manchester where we were paired up with parents who needed help getting presents for their children. The parents were able to pick 3 toys for each child they also got to pick out stocking stuffers, socks, hats and gloves, underwear, tooth brushes, and at the end they got a gift card from Hannafords to buy their family a meal for Christmas. It was a very rewarding day! Kelsey and I had a lot of fun.

NH Food Bank Donation

Donating a $300.00 check with Kelsey MacDonald! The donation will be matched by the Madelaine G. Von Weber Trust. The NH Food Bank was challenged to raise $100,000 and the Trust would match it. Kelsey and I held Great American Bake Sales over the summer and raised $600 which we donated half to Share Our Strength and the other half to the NH Food Bank!