Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New England States Miss America Conference Day 2

With Sam Haskell the author of "Promises I Made My Mother". He was a speaker at the Conference and has a truly amazing story. A story that started with a dream. To have the Cheer man come to his house.........the story made me cry! It reminded me about my dream to sing with Shania Twain using a sign, and his dream to meet the Cheer Man with his sign. His story also proves the point that good things happen to good people and things can happen when you least expect them. His house was chosen randomly. To really understand I think you will have to read the book! All in all he is an amazing man, with an amazing story, who gives back to the community, and who truly makes a difference. Also, a wonderful speaker who paints an image which makes him unforgettable. It was such an honor to meet him.

With Carry and David of Regalia after purchasing the sexiest interview get up of all time and the classiest gown I've ever put on. They spent a lot of time with me and are two men who have great advice and won't force you into a gown that isn't you. I liked that about them. They also were fun to talk to in general. We were lucky to have them at the NE States Conference they are really in the business because they love it and are happy with what they do!
With Designer Trisha Tidd from Togatae Designs check her out on facebook: Togatae Designs
With my make up artist Kriss! I was her face model at her class at the conference! It was so much fun and such an honor to be her model. Here is some info from her Facebook Site:
Featured on Inside Edition, Access Hollywood..featured in the Los Angeles Times, Allure, The NY Times...Makeup Artist Kriss Soterion is known for her artistry for Presidential Candidates, celebrity News and Media personalities..she is the queen of makeup metamorphasis...

Yoga School

I had my first yoga class the other day and learned so much. There are 10 students ranging from 22-66 years old. The class is so diverse which makes it so much fun! Every woman has a different background and is there for a different reason but we all share one thing in common. Through yoga we want to form a community, learn about balance, create energy, and use the mind, body, and spirit to change our lives and the lives of others. Some want to learn yoga so they can teach (aka me) and others want to learn yoga so they can have a daily practice on their own with an understanding of what they are doing. Hannelore, my Yoga Teacher made us a delicious lunch, something I have never had before it was called Kitcheree: rice with mung-dal beans and veggies...very good! We were in class from 9am-5:45pm it was a long day but I could have stayed there all week. We all grew stronger as a group and I can't wait for our next class....until then I'll be practicing my Mountain, warrior, and half moon.