Monday, January 11, 2010

Final Tally!

I have some very exciting news! This year I have won the most amount of scholarships I've ever won in a year. I have totaled $8,533.00 in four local competitions!
Miss Greater Derry $2,700 (2nd Runner-Up and Community Service winner)
Miss Winni and W. Beach: $700 (1st Runner-up)
Miss Rockingham County $2,533 (1st Runner-up, Talent winner, Interview tie, Community Service Award, & Peoples Choice Award.
Miss Manchester $2,600 WINNER and Interview award

Thank you to: Danielle and Gary, Tina and Gary, Paula and crew, and Debbie! You have made this year a little bit easier financially because I graduated and loan payments started this month it has been hard.

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