Friday, May 7, 2010

My Parents

Thank you to my mom and dad for not only supporting me but going on this 5 year journey of Miss NH!  Not only is it stressful for the contestant but it's stressful for the parents.  When my name wasn't called for the top 10 this year I wanted to just go over and see them.  I held it together while I was on stage mainly because I was in shock and disbelief.  I could see my parents faces too they were pretty close to the front.  They said they held hands through it.  My parents didn't chose this pageant life I did and I thank them for following me and always supporting me.  It's rough and not easy.  My mom always helped with my bake sales and my dad always helped me get ready for interview. 

My dad loves politics and anything to do with debating!  He likes to be right too.  He was fun source to talk to about anything in the news, he always knew the answer.  He's very knowledgeable about everything really.  Current events, wars, history, local news, global news.  I was challenged a lot when we talked.  He always helps with technical things like pictures and printing things off the computer.  He helps make signs for my bake sales and whatever I need to go into class rooms and autograph cards.  So I'm not going to lie pageant life was BRUTAL my first year.  I suck at directions and luckily I had my dad to help.  I had a car with multiple problems and GPS's weren't even invented yet I don't think (that's how ancient I am).  I spent a lot of car rides in tears because I was lost on the way to an appearance but my dad always walked me through it over the cell phone with his map skills.  He always helps with car issues too.  Changing head lights, filling my tires, making sure I have a car jumper battery, safety kit, and mace just in case.  Ohh dad!  So 5 years later I have a GPS and still get lost and I still have him to call so life is good. 

My mom always knows the right thing to do and it continues to amaze me. If I am running late she'll make me breakfast to go.  If I need help with something she just knows and can tell what I need and just does it with out me even asking.  If I need help bringing stuff down to my car she will help and ask my dad to help too.  She accepts my million phone calls while she's at work.  Does research on things I need help with when preparing for interview.  She's just thoughtful and always knows what I'm doing.  She wishes me luck and asks how things went.   

My parents have been great through this whole journey but I think we are all happy it's over.  We had fun while it lasted but we are all ready to move on.  Having to hold it together after your kid isn't called for the top 10 is probably one of the worst feelings in the world.  This was the first year where they didn't have any suggestions, any helpful criticism because everything was perfect so not being in the top 10 was just crazy.  This was the first year I wasn't stressed out for ANYTHING.  It was go time I had fun and rocked every phase of competition with grace and sexiness.  It would be one thing if I couldn't sing, or if I was out of shape, if I fell, if I didn't practice, if I wasn't ready, if I was hideous, if I wore an ugly gown, but none of that is true.  The judges were nuts end of story.  NUTS I tell you....NUTS phew I feel much better :)

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  1. Rarely would I comment publicly--those who know me well know I am a big cheer leader and support system for both of my girls.
    I am proud of your accomplishments and the many friends and acquaintances you have made along your Miss New Hampshire journey. When I look at the big picture, the networking, the differences you have made in many lives I am filled with joy--- Always remember the positive out comes from pageant life---you walked away with a ton of cash, have only a little college debt left, and have networked in many areas---you are a success! Remember.. the next opportunity is knocking if you are there to let it in----