Saturday, September 19, 2009

New England States Miss America Conference

Rick Brinkley, Miss America's National Judges Coordinator
With Bill Haggerty one of the best producers in the Miss America Program! Bill has an amazing sense of humor and worked in the education system for many years. The teacher side of him comes out all the time and we all love him very much. He worked very hard with the NE committee to put the event on. Thanks for helping put the show together Bill, it truly was a meaningful weekend for many young women and adults. We will win Miss America some day for you, I promise!

With Bebe Shopp, Miss America 1948. She is the very first Miss America I ever met! I graduated high school with her grandson and he was able to set up a time for us to meet my Freshman year of college, 4 years ago! I met her at Panera Bread in Portsmouth for lunch and tea. She is full of life experience, knowledge, and is still stunning. 4 years ago she gave me a picture of her with 5 tips on the back (sorry I can't give her secrets away) I have carried this picture in my jewlery box to every local and state competition I have been in for 4 years. I told her that this weekend at the conference and she said.....oh dear you shouldn't bring it with you to your next one. I am taking her advice! I will read it before I leave my house for Miss Rockingham County and keep it home. Thank you for all your support Bebe.

With Brenda Keith (Miss NH ED) and Lissa Silk (Miss Strafford County). Brenda is like a second mother to all of the Miss NH Contestants. She devotes her time and energy to the program and to all of us so we can one day be as successful as she is. Did you know she was a race car driver???? She said that was her sport when she was younger and she loved it. Now when she goes on vacation she gets the fast cars because she loves being behind the wheel-it's part of her vacation. She is also full of life experience and I am eager to learn more about her. She was at the conference this weekend and was around to make sure everyone from NH was having a good time. She got to sit with Bebe, Sam, a former Miss Indiana, the owner of Vera Bradley, the director of Miss MA, and other distinguished guests. It was a great opportunity for everyone to network!

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