Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miss NH Local Competitions!

Congratulations to all the young women who have the chance to compete for Miss NH 2010! I have been fishing, taking yoga classes, working amongst other things and haven't been able to compete in all the locals this year. I have had a lot of fun in the locals I have competed in this summer! Congratulations:
Miss Bedford: Sarah Mousseau
Miss Deerfield Fair: Elysha Greenberg
Miss Greater Derry: Krystal Muccioli
Miss Hooksett: Rebecca Rendina
Miss Kingston: Janine Mitchell
Miss Lakes Region: Erica Millett
Miss Londonderry: Alyssa McLaughlin (my first room mate at Miss NH a while back!!!)
Miss Manadonock Region: Asheley Chaput
Miss Seacoast: Adria Farr
Miss Strafford County: Lissa Silk
Miss Stratham Fair: Regan Hartley
Miss University: Margo Reola
Miss Weirs Beach: Megan Lyman
Miss Winnipesaukee: Jenn Clements

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