Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pulaski Fishing Trip

I went on a fishing trip with my dad and some of his friends this weekend. My dad has been going to Pulaski NY to fish for Salmon for 20 years now. He always brings home pictures and stories I remember the pictures from when I was a kid. This year I didn't have school and I was invited! I thought I would be the only girl because he goes with his two friends and one brings his son and the other brings his nephew. Lucky for me....Matt (the nephew) brought his girlfriend! We had an interesting 7 hour road trip with Brian and Matt. Brian is a Broker for my dad so they are work buddies and Matt goes to Rodger Williams. So as we were driving through New York we saw a horse and buggy.....no joke on the highway! We saw a cranberry bog and farmers harvesting the cranberries. We saw an amish family selling baked goods on the side of the road. We saw a lot of things! One thing I did realize as we were driving is to try not to complain about my life because no matter what, someone else will always have it worse. Driving through NY really made me think. Some people are living in caving houses, houses with out windows, houses that are falling apart, houses that need a lot of work etc. It was very sad.
Moving on.....the entire drive down was nice and when we got there it started to RAIN! So we bought rain jackets, and went fishing anyway. That night my dad and I both caught a Salmon! My dad had to show me how to catch one because these salmon are big and put up a nice fight. I learned a lot of lingo while fishing on the lake. When you catch a fish you yell "FISH ON" and immediately everyone is alert. "Coming up/Coming down" basically means get out of my way Mr.! It's what you say when your fish is swiming on your line away from you. You need to follow the fish and keep it in control. If you move to quick you will lose it and if you let the fish swim near any rocks....you will most likely lose it too. It takes a lot of practice to get it all right. The salmon I caught was huuuuge I could barely pick it up. The picture is Hilarious and I am waiting for my dad to send it so I can post it up! It was a ton of fun and I'm glad my dad took me!

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