Friday, September 4, 2009

No School

This was the first time I haven't been in school since I was about 3 or 4. It feels GREAT....the only problem is, is my job with the whole grains council is almost over. I am a project manager and am assigned projects. My projects for the summer are almost over. I have applied to just about every hospital in New Hampshire and am crossing my fingers. I am also looking into pharmaceutical sales. Thanks to the Miss New Hampshire Program I have a few contacts in the pharmaceutical sales field so I was lucky enough to talk with someone to get some advice. I am working on getting my Personal Trainers Certificate through ACSM and Yoga School starts September 27th! I am very excited for Yoga to start and also a bit anxious about a lot of things. Life is just starting for me.......and it's a little scary. I no longer have health insurance for the first time in my life and I'm nervous about everything! I know I will find a job because I am a hard worker and I know it will take some time but it would be nice just to have something certain and concrete for now. My friends and I all got together last night and we still feel like college kids. There were about 10+ of us and about 5 of them are taking one more semester of classes because they didn't want to graduate and the other half really has no idea what they want to do. Life is a big decision. We are all happy we have degrees but it's the next step that is most important.

Do I get a masters? If I get a masters what will my focus be? Do I know what I want to do for the rest of my life? Do I have enough money to get an apartment? Do I have enough money to pay my car payments? My school loan payments kick in in January will I have the money to pay for that? If my job doesn't have benefits why would I want to pay $400/month for health insurance? Is it worth it? Can I pay for gas? Can I pay for food (not ramen noodles....I mean like vegetables, fruits, whole grains- you know- the good stuff?) Should I join the peace corps? What about Teach for America? Are there any jobs that will pay for me to go back to school? What about oil changes every 3 months? What about going to the bar with friends or out to dinner? Bottom is way to expensive how does anyone afford it? Luckily I can live at home for a while until I figure things out.

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