Sunday, February 8, 2009

Veterans Day Food Drive November 11, 2008

Ryan Sylvia, the President of Rotaract, and I drove around campus to almost every dorm picking up boxes filled with donations from the UNH Food Drive. Rotaract heads up a Food Drive every year to raise awareness of hunger and to help support the New Hampshire Food Bank and The Cornucopia Food Pantry. It was a successful year, judging on how full my car was! The Cornucopia Food Pantry Pantry provides food and other support to UNH students, staff, faculty and their families. To learn more about it check out their website: My sophomore year I served as the volunteer coordinator for the Cornucopia Food Pantry. I also spent about 4 hours every Friday in the pantry or on the premises to make sure the community was able to use the pantry.

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