Monday, May 4, 2009

Everything happens for a reason :) Put out that fire!

I was third runner up at Miss New Hampshire and am proud of myself for making the top 5. Thank you to everyone who helped make the show happen. It was one of the best weeks of my life. I had so much fun this year at the hotel, at the rehearsals, and back stage with the other contestants. The judges had a rough job picking the next Miss New Hampshire. All 26 contestants were talented, beautiful, smart, and poised.

So...everything happens for a reason I always tell myself. We came home from the after party fairly early. If I had won Miss New Hampshire we wouldn't have been home in time for a very scary event that happened around mid-night.

My neighbors have been building a farmers porch on the front of their house for about a week now and they have a big dumpster in their drive way right next to ours. With all of the construction going on and rags laying outside a brush fire started about 5 minutes after we got home.

We were all very tired and forgot to close the garage door, my dad about 5 minutes after being home went down stairs to close the garage door and came storming upstairs saying "THERE'S A FIRE NEXT DOOR!" My Dad in a scuffle opened the fridge hoping to find the fire extinguisher thinking it was the closet. I could see the fire from the first floor of our house and immediately called 911 while my sister called the neighbors to wake them up to tell them there was a fire in between our houses. My dad ran over with the extinguisher and put the fire out. Next thing I know the volunteer fire department comes over to make sure everything was ok.

So after all the craziness I said thank god I didn't win (that was really hard for me to say but it was true) because we would have lost our entire house and so would the neighbors. The dumpster in between our houses was full of wood and we also live in the middle of the woods. I am of course sad I was not crowned Miss New Hampshire, but I have realized everything happens for a reason and I always have next year.

Thank you to the Brentwood Fire Department and to my dad who went down stairs to close the garage to find the fire.

Over and out,
Alicia Rossman

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