Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Trip to Kentucky Homeowner Story VERY TOUCHING

I hope you get a chance to listen to this video and read along. This filming was from the last day of the students working on the homeowners work site. I came in half way through but the woman was saying that she didn't know what she was going to do and then she heard of the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP)! CAP helps people with a low income repair their homes. They do all of the work for free and charge a small amount for supplies. She spoke about the process and where she comes in she says "But I got it" that means she was approved by CAP to have the home repair. What a touching story listen!

But I got it and it needed work on only one income ______
If it wasn’t for last week and this week I don’t know what I woulda done
Because in the winter I had to put plastic on every winda and my back door
I heat with gas and It’s hard on me
But now I won’t be able to put plastic around none a my windas or my back door no more
thanks for this program and the workers from last week and this week
They was good
Thank you

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