Wednesday, March 24, 2010

National Nutrition Month Exeter Public Library 10am group 3/24/2010

I was at the Exeter Public Library at 10am reading to some of the cutest kids in Exeter!  For story time I read The Vegetables We Eat!  It was interresting to see when I asked the kids what their favorite vegetable was I heard little voices scream with excitement!  Carrots!  Broccoli! Celery! Green Beans! Strawberries!  Kids 5 and under are still learning the difference between fruits and vegetables, names of fruits and vegetables, and colors at this age.  It was a great opportunity to make a difference in the kids lives by talking about different fruits and vegetables, how they grow, what kind of vegetable they are, and their color!  After we read the book everyone knew that eggplants were purple!  Mission accomplished they learned something!  After we read together we colored a worksheet full of veggies.

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