Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have a great personal trainer!  His name is Josh and he is from Training Effects in Londonderry.  At the Miss NH Golf Tournament I put a bid on a personal training package at Training Effects and got it!  It was a good buy!  I was assigned to Josh for 3 personal training sessions and 3 nutrition sessions.  He's been kicking my little butt into gear and let me tell you it hurts!  He has given me some good guidelines as to what to eat and after our 3 times together he agreed to continue to help me.  I see Josh twice a week at the gym.  We have a lot of fun together.

I have also been doing yoga every day.  I practice yoga on Tuesday nights at the Brentwood Rec with Mina, two times a week at Blue Moon, and then I see Hannelore every Wednesday night for Yoga Nidra meditation and relaxation, the other nights of the week I do Yoga OnDemand with some cute girls on TV.  It's been a lot of fun, however I've been walking a bit crooked from all the pain I'm in!  It's good pain though, I promise :)

I went from 28% body fat in September to 15% body fat now.  Cut in half is pretty good!  Those numbers are proof that getting in shape doesn't happen over night it takes time, effort, patience, and dedication.  I am thankful for all my yoga friends and Josh for helping me be successful.

If you were wondering 28% body fat is considered obese so for the record I was obese at one point in life.

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