Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cool Story

I work at Sagamore Hampton Golf Club for my fun job to keep my life sane!  I drive around the course with a cart full of snacks, bear, and soda....coolest job ever.  All it takes is a fun personality and a BIG smile to get a golfers attention :)

So the other day I was working and served a group of 4 on my first time around...the second time around I waited patiently for the guys to finish up their putt.  When they saw me one of the guys yelled "There's my Miss America" made me giggle for a second.  So they came over to my cart and I said to them "how did you know I was a part of the Miss America Program"??  They said "whaaaaat! No way!"  So I asked him why he said it and he said "because you look like Miss America"....what a nice guy!  It's not every day you get someone who tells you you look like Miss America!  Then I told them about the Miss NH Program and how I was Miss Manchester and they all wanted to take a picture with me with their blackberries.  It was a fun day and made me smile!

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