Friday, April 24, 2009

Dawn Haines my freshman English professor Marylands Jr Miss 1980

My freshman year I was blessed to have Dawn Haines as my freshman English professor! I still remember the first day of class we watched the movie CRASH. She sure knew how to break the ice. I think half of the class was crying and it was all bonding and fun freshman times from there on. Ohhhh freshman year, how fun to remember my feelings during that year of my life.

Anyway during Dawn's office hours one day I told her I love to sing and compete for Miss NH and I found out she was Maryland's JR Miss in 1980 and won the talent competition at nationals. Her talent was and still is singing. She sings every chance she gets.

I have kept in contact with Dawn throughout college and had the opportunity to meet with her this week to perform my talent and ask for her advice.

There we were in room 203 in the Mub (memorial union building) at UNH and the second I opened my mouth I could feel the room change and right when I was done she jumped out of her seat cheering and gave me a big hug.

What a great moment. I won the audience over aka Dawn and the 18 chairs sitting in the room :) I was so thankful she was able to meet with me and give me some feedback on my performance.

She will be in the audience Thursday night to see my talent on the Miss NH stage at the Stockbridge Theatre.

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