Friday, April 24, 2009

McDonough Scholarship Foundation

Last night I was invited to the McDonough Annual Dinner. I was invited as the Scholar Speaker at the event. The McDonough Foundation provides scholarships to over 100 students each year to put towards their education who have worked at a golf course in New Hampshire for at least two years. Last year the foundation awarded over $100,000.

I was honored to be asked to speak at the dinner, I was in a room full of very accomplished sponsors and was able to speak about my experiences as a college student, my future goals, and my many thanks for their support.

After my speech I was able to perform my song for the sponsors to practice for Miss New Hampshire.

After the dinner I was approached by a man named Steve. During my speech I spoke about my platform and my visit to Share Our Strength's National Office. Steve was very interested about my trip he said he watches the Food Network every night and always notices promotional messages for Share Our Strength. One of SOS's partners is the Food Network. It was nice to know that Steve and others in the room knew about my platform and all of the great work that SOS does to end hunger in America.

Thank you to McDonough for my scholarship, my dad and I had a wonderful time at the event!

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