Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Homeowner Story #2 from Kentucky CAP

This is the Homeowner my group was paired with. This is Sheila! She is an amazing woman. You will hear how thankful she is for CAP! I had so much fun getting to know her through out the week. Every time we were tired of working we were encouraged to go into the house and talk with Sheila and her family. She had a lot to talk about let me tell you! She was so happy to have us all there and to have new windows and doors will save her a lot of money in the winter with heating. We also built her a porch which she is so excited about because she is light sensitive and hates going outside so this porch makes going outside enjoyable! Hear what she has to say!

Everyone always says that there’s somethin about angels among us …. well I’ve been among angels for two weeks now and it’s a great feelin
And I’ve told I dunno if it was this group or last group and what’s the big trend when you turn the TV on anybody knows spring break that show’s on tv
Myrtle Beach! Daytona Beach! PARTIES! But wheres the real people??? RIGHT HERE IN THIS ROOM!!

This is all the real people these kids I love em and I love them all
And some day GOD will accept you in his home because of what you’ve done

And it’s ok to go to the beach :)
Theres Things to do at the beach go swimming.... and watch for sharks!

My group I love em I’ve loved everyone of them I’m not real talkative
My grandson takes the show at lunch, the happy feet thing that’s my grandson
So runnin after hims a full time job but a he loves everyone of em
Grant youda made his week by drawin cartoons for him
And a just I can’t wait till next week I cant wait till next....

OH I got new windows I love my windows and I have a front porch now!
And I have I’m light sensitive I’m doin great tonight for some reason though
And I can’t get outside with out sunglasses so I’m getting a new porch
Anyway kids I love you Everyone of you

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  1. You are a World-Class geek.... and I mean that in the Best Way :)

    Great Spring Break kiddo, keep it Real.