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The Citizen News Paper - Lakes faces

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This week's Lakes Face is a familiar one because among her many other duties, she was the official ambassador for the 2009 Laconia World Championship Sled Dog Derby.

In September 2008, Alicia Rossman of Brentwood was named Miss Lakes Region, an honor that will allow her to vie for the title of Miss New Hampshire later this month and, if she also wins that crown, to represent the Granite State in the 2009 Miss America pageant in Las Vegas.

Rossman, who is the daughter of Robert and Cheryl Rossman, is currently a senior at the University of New Hampshire, where she is pursuing a degree in Nutritional Sciences. She graduated from Exeter High School in 2005 with honors and has been on the UNH Dean's List every semester.

At the Miss New Hampshire competition, Rossman will perform a song, "I was here." Her platform is ending hunger. "

As a nutrition major and advocate, I understand the effects of malnutrition and how food insecurity affects a child's physical, cognitive, emotional and social development," Rossman said. "I look forward to developing my volunteer work on a larger scale and extending my outreach as Miss New Hampshire 2009."

She thanked Wayne Sevin, who is her director, Pacific Beach Tanning and Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse for their continued sponsorship.

For more information about the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship program or to buy tickets for this year's competition at Pinkerton Academy's Stockbridge Theatre in Derry, call 437-9027 or go to

Name: Alicia Rossman

Where do you live? Brentwood, New Hampshire

What have you been doing lately?

"I'm a full-time student at the University of New Hampshire graduating in May 2009 with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. I have been a UNH Transit Driver for the past four years and recently started working for the Whole Grains Council. I have had a wonderful four years in college and it has been a time I will never forget. The friendships I have made are amazing and I hope we all end up staying in the same area after graduation!" Rossman is also the reigning Miss Lakes Region, which means that she'll be competing later this month for the title of Miss New Hampshire 2009 and if she wins it, she will go on to the Miss America pageant.

How long have you been part of the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship program?

"This is my fourth year competing in the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program. I have had many wonderful opportunities because of the program and my volunteer efforts."

What do you find interesting about it?

"The program is interesting because it gives young women the opportunity to be out in the community and voice their opinions. We are able to volunteer in classrooms and events all over the state of New Hampshire to share our platform and promote the program. Another great aspect is being a part of the final show! Miss New Hampshire is truly an amazing production that I am so proud to be a part of."

What is your most memorable experience doing what you do?

"Traveling to Washington D.C. for my platform is the most memorable experience. I had a wonderful time at the national Share Our Strength office learning even more about my platform: 'Share Our Strength: It Takes More than Food to Fight Hunger.' I was able to converse with professionals and sit in on meetings that gave me the big picture of what SOS accomplishes. My involvement with Share Our Strength in New Hampshire has been locally fulfilling but traveling to D.C. to meet with such ground breaking professionals was amazing."

If you could choose another career in another place, what and where would it be?

"I think I would have chosen to invent something ground-breaking before college. I would go anywhere my family would want to go. I could never see myself living too far away from family. So wherever they are I will stay near."

What is your favorite quote?

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead"

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