Saturday, April 18, 2009

COUNT DOWN 12 DAYS- get your tickets

12 more days until the first preliminary competition!!!

Interview/speaking/poise= check (too many names to put here for mock interview credits)

Gown= check (Designer AJ Chantilly Place)

Talent= check (voice coach Scott Richardson)

Life style and fitness= check (my personal trainer Jessica Rossman)

Current Events= check (thanks dad)

Opening number= check

Finale= check

I'm READY....everything is done and I am so relaxed. All I need to do is pack! P.S. mom you think you can help me with that? (She's a great packer and very organized which is exactly what I need)

I can't believe there are only 12 more days to go! I just got back from the grocery store and came out with nutritious food to keep myself healthy and strong before the competition. This week it is extra important to stay healthy and make sure I'm as germ free as possible especially because I am a singer. I went to Market Basket and got everything on SALE-that's mainly how I shop.

Check list number 2 for the count down is to:
Gym: Sat, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat, Mon
Yoga and out door biking: Wed and Fri
Homework: all the time
Eating: throughout the day
Sleeping: at least 7-8 hours (let's be serious I'm in college)
Speaking engagement: Thursday
Project due: Tuesday
Last voice lesson: Monday
Relax: every chance I get
Watch the news: every chance I get
Practice talent: every day

Get the point???? I have a big week coming up!


Get your tickets now to The Miss New Hampshire Competition at Pinkerton Academy's Stockbridge Theatre in Derry, call 437-9027 or go to

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