Monday, April 6, 2009

The first day at the farm!


After lunch we went for a hike and tour of the property. We learned about how the farm works and what we would be doing that week. Eric, one of the care takers took us on the tour and to the top of one of the hills. At the top of the hill we spent some time praying and some time in silence to listen to the rain. Eric sang us a song to end the hike and we walked back to the farm.

Grilled cheese on home made whole wheat bread, local cheese, and home made tomato soup! It was the best grilled cheese and tomato soup I've ever had in my entire life!

After training we all went to work outside in different locations around the farm. I was in Julie's Group and in charge of getting the isles in the garden tidy. It was important to lay card board down and then wood chips on top to make a good clear walking path and keep the weeds out.

Workin hard!

There is Father Bill and Dave getting their breakfast!

After breakfast we all met outside for training with Colleen. She taught us all the safety advice we needed to know for the week like how to use a saw, hammer, nail, etc. The key was how to use the tools safely and efficiently.

My breakfast was so good! Home made granola in yogurt, half a banana, scrambled eggs from the farm, and cast iron fluff cakes. So good!

The soothing music started to play softly through out the entire farm house...I guess it was time to wake up at start the day. We all joined for morning prayer and then enjoyed a delicious breakfast together.


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