Monday, April 6, 2009

The Big Rehearsal! April 5, 2009

Wow! What a talented group! I was very impressed with everyone's performance at our rehearsal on Sunday. All contestants and directors arrived at Pinkerton Academy at 8:30 am. Each contestant performed her talent in contestant order. We also practiced the dance numbers for Miss New Hampshire. The show is going to be absolutely amazing, Heidi and Heidi and our production crew works so hard to make a jaw dropping show every year.

Brenda Kathy and Cindy worked hard to get our scholarship submissions in order. I submitted for the community service award as well as the academic award.

Terri worked hard to make sure everyone had enough to eat, she had the great idea of making the rehearsal a pot luck all families and directors were able to chat over a great breakfast and lunch!

Katrina Rossi our Miss NH's Outstanding Teen was also very supportive of us and was at Pinkerton all day with us.

Bill gave a wonderful talk to everyone to practice our talents, hit the gym, and watch CNN every day so we can really impress the judges. I have been working very hard in all areas and can't wait for next weekend!

Next weekend is Media Day where we will have the opportunity to speak with reporters to promote our show and make Brenda happy with a SOLD OUT SHOW.

Go get your tickets!!!

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